Thursday, January 13, 2011

I control my destiny

One year and I'm still very sad that you are no longer here. Personally, your passing really hit me harder than Michael Jackson. The reason might be because I related to your songs very much. I loved how it really hit me in the heart while the raw garage punk energy pulled through. I would listen to your song and think "wow, there's someone who feels the exact same way I do" and I'd find comfort in that. I still clearly remember that day. I came home from work, tired as hell, and I was surfing the internet after dinner. I went to a music blog I frequent and I saw a blog post titled "RIP Jay Reatard". At first, I was shocked, then I went into denial and thought maybe you were calling it quits in the music world, or something band related. Until I kept reading the post and learned of your death. If you only knew how much your music meant to me.

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