Saturday, July 24, 2010

Got my attitude and shiny shoes

Scarf, bag - YSL
Ring - McQueen
Clothes, Boots - Topshop

Boots - acne
Jeans, Tee - topshop
Others - from netaporter

Been in a slight style rut. I get really frazzled and mad when I'm getting dressed in the morning and the outfits aren't really working, or I don't look as good as I want to. Which has been many times lately. That's not good. So i tried to inspire myself and just stick to what works for me. My uniform: black skinny jeans (usually Diesel), boots, and a tee shirt. With lots of jewelry. Keep it simple. Everything else is so not me. Anyways, I love the thought of wearing a bed jacket like silky top as an alternative to a jacket during the summer. The styles shown here are so me.

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