Monday, December 21, 2009

My drum machine flew away

So sad. I read that Ben Sherman is pulling the plug on womenswear. I love Ben Sherman. Love Mod British culture. So they say they want to focus more on their menswear which is great since I love a guy who rocks Ben Sherman. But what will I wear? I HAVE to admit though that their women's pants didn't have a great fit. The style was cute, but not the fit. Dear Ben Sherman company, when the economy gets better, please hire me as your womenswear designer. I can do the job. I will change the bottoms fits, use great fabrics, and keep the Ben Sherman look alive. Please.

I have a very small Ben Sherman collection. The striped blazer from years ago is too big on me now that I've lost weight. I have a straw fedora, two button down shirts. And a t-shirt, that's actually men's but we altered it to a womens tee fit.

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