Friday, February 13, 2009

What can I get for ten dollar

My friends and I have been M.I.A fans since the start. We've been following her for years now so to me, it was not at all shocking, when she came out like that at the Grammys. Not only was I not shocked, I knew her dress was by Henry Holland. I'm pretty sure all the fashion obsessed knew that one thanks to Agyness rocking it. Anyways, I kind of feel weird about "Paper Planes" getting such mass appeal. Personally, I love Galang better. Bucky Done Gun and Ten Dollar was my omg we have to dance song. Memories of years ago when this album was totally hot and they played it at the downtown warehouse parties full of artsy fartsy's. Good times. This video still effing rocks. And I like Boyz, too.

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